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Forum - Alien implants :S Roger Leir - Whitley Strieber

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anticultistPosted: Jan 01, 2011 - 09:20

Brainwashing you for money

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OK my last post about aliens today is this video its an hour long and I am sure those of you with any scientific background and medical background can have fun with this one.

This is presentation from a Dr Roger Leir at the X Conference 2009, where he supposedly unveils some astounding evidence to show alien implants in human beings. This guy has tried his hardest over the years to put himself into the position of being the specialist in this area.

Interestingly enough Whitley Streiber [From Muertos recent blogs] is featured in a book about this topic by Leir entitled:
Alien Implants (Whitley Strieber's Hidden Agendas)

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anticultistPosted: Jan 01, 2011 - 11:16

Brainwashing you for money

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Some of my replies to this go as follows:

"He is a positive abductee, He came in with a lot of memories, He came in with pain in his toe, and was not going in as an individual looking for an implant, but he knew what my other hobby was, and it was coincidence or was told by someone to go to him, then he slowly began telling me about his abduction cases" Roger Leir 11:14- 12:35

Yet he went to a known UFO and alien implant researcher with an object in his toe? I call BS on this and they're trying to make out the individual had no interest in the subject of aliens and UFO's or was looking for an implant, when they have already stated he is a positive on the alien abduction scenario prior to seeing Leir.

@18 minutes he makes the claims the objects are emitting radio signals at two different frequencies, he then goes on to say they are used in deep space telecommunications.But Most importantly he states he has not sent this to be tested and proven by anyone.

Funny thing about deep space radio frequencies used in communication satellites and orbiters of Earth design is these frequencies are used by Human technology. Also the Deep Space communications technology use various frequencies within a wide bandwidth. This being from 1.55 GHz to about 40GHz.

This in laymans terms is a frequency of 1.55 Billion cycles per second to 40 Billion cycles per second

See here for validation of this information
Deep Space Communication


This information claimed by Leir would be interesting if he presented actual evidence of the radio emissions, and the tests he conducted and had blind tested to prove this. Also the fact it gives out these frequencies proves nothing of alien origina should he actually provide this evidence.

@31 he makes claims of spontaneous combustion of soil around an avocado tree. No footage or evidence of this claim is made, but interestingly he claims the soil composition had high levels of

Avocado trees have specific fungal rot on their roots and the usual combat that fixes this is a Methyl Bromide solution that is poured onto the ground around the tree to soak up into the roots of the tree to
combat the disease.Phytophthora cinnamomi


The major disease of avocados in South and Central America and some islands of the West Indies, in California, Hawaii, and various other
areas, is root-rot caused by the fungus, Phytophthora cinnamomi,
which is being combatted by the use of strict sanitary procedures and
resistant rootstocks, especially 'Duke'. At the University of
California, Riverside, over 750 seedlings and cuttings were being tested
for root-rot resistance in 1976 and 1977 and the most promising tried
out for grafting compatibility with commercial cultivars. Also, soil
fumigation experiments with methyl bromide and newly developed chemicals
were being carried forward. The disease has been so devastating in the
high rainfall areas of New South Wales and Queensland that plantings
have expanded into the semi-arid Murray Valley in the hope of avoiding
it. In New Zealand, it is not a problem on deep, volcanic soils, but
occurs on shallow, heavier soils. It was allegedly introduced into
Chile with balled trees from California and vigorous measures are being
taken to control it.

This can easily explain away this issue, and its likely that there have been instances of disease combat on the tree and soil at some point to create this situation of soil composition.

@32 he discusses the car being magnetised, the following pdf shows that cars being magnetised is nothing unusual at all and in fact studies have been conducted which lead to the tires being the main source of the condition arising in vehicles.</p>

Low frequency magnetic fields in cars, induced by tire magnetisation
Stefan Stankowski*, Andreas Kessi*, Olivier Bécheiraz*, Karl Meier-Engel*,
Martin Meier

Alternating magnetic fields have been measured in a variety of different cars, the dominant contribution being from magnetized tires. Magnetic field strengths have been measured as a function of frequency directly at the tires and at different positions in rolling cars. Measurements at the tires showed field strengths up to 100 microTesla. In the interior of rolling cars, close to the wheels at foot regions and at the back seat, field strengths of several microTesla were obtained in the 10 – 200 Hertz frequency domain. In some cases measured field values were considerably higher than those found in previous studies. Purposely magnetizing single tires made it possible to study the influence of various parameters. Degaussed tires retained low field values over prolonged time under conditions of normal use.

In this presentation Leir makes claims of magnetic anomolies throughout the persons building, interestingly enough Dr Michael Persinger a main player in the study of Neuroscience, and specifically the effects of magnetic fields on parietal/temporal regions says the following:

In principle and from the perspective of our empirical observations, derived from about 1000 subjects tested during the last 15 years, there is evidence
that complex, weak magnetic fields can evoke specific experiences. The type
of experience is related in general to the temporal pattern or "time signatures" of
the field and the cerebral hemisphere to which it is applied.

When the fields are applied to the right hemisphere (particularly the parietal/temporal regions) the most typical experience is that of a sensed presence, or entity. We hypothesize that this presence, which is extremely common historically and
cross-culturally, is the awareness of the right hemispheric equivalent of the
left hemispheric (linguistic) sense of self. We also suspect that the presence
is the prototype to religious/mystical experiences. The details of the experience
are strongly determined by the person's beliefs which are supplied by the culture.

We hypothesize that UFO or extraterrestrial visitation experiences--and the many variants of these themes, are the contemporary more secular equivalents of the historical experiences attributed to "visitations". Although
the intensity of our experimental fields range between 0.1 T and 2 T (1 milligauss
or 1000 nT to 20 milligauss), we suspect that significant bioeffects can be
evoked with even smaller intensities if they are applied for longer periods
of time. For example, we found that odd vestibular experiences increase within
our experimental setting if there has been a global geomagnetic disturbance
of more than 25 nT the night before and the global geomagnetic activity is
still above 25 nT. Our experimental work with rats who display enhanced electrical
lability within the limbic system have shown that only one hour exposure to
7 Hz sine waves whose amplitudes incrementally increase and decrease in successive
30 sec increments between 10 and 50 nT (much like the earth's magnetic field)
can evoke significantly neuroelectrical discharges.

Modern neuroscience indicates that any experience is due to specific electromagnetic patterns within the brain. There are also likely to be many different stimuli that can evoke the same or similar electromagnetic pattern and hence experience.
Our experimental procedure is one method. However there are very likely to
be many stimulus sources that evoke similar experiences.

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