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Forum - A Romantic Tale of Reptoid Love

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Agent MattPosted: Mar 07, 2011 - 20:19

Genuine American Monster

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Well, never thought I would be contacting your site because it all just seems so beyond reality, but I guess it is only because we view reality in our very "controlled" and narrow perspective.

Anyway, my story is, I have been carrying around for years this very terrifying traumatic experience of such a level of unbelievable nature. And yet, because of the power of "their" mind control, it did not create in me any psychological stress or never seemed to on a conscious level; but then again, the little bits and pieces that I did recall, when I first began to remember, made me tremble when I tried to relate it to someone I felt that I could trust.

To make a very long story short, I was a seminarian studying to be a secular priest at a college at a monastey; it was summer Latin school (during the time of the first Ecumenical Council) [incidentally, I do not want to be specific or detailed here, because of my concerns I guess for my life, although nothing has happened in my life to cause me to think that I would be targeted].

On a break I went with two odd looking types (Hispanic/Oriental mix it seemed) to a town some distance away, and very briefly, I believe they were part of a Satanic group and they performed some ritual in which I was raped by a demon which now seems that it was more reptilian (I have so much unconscious terror associated with this that I cannot recall at this time the details), but anyway when I saw this emblem via your web site: Patch on Reptoid's Uniform 07-18 First Release I noticed the genitals on the dragon; and I actually suffered a wound to my anal area because this creature/demon had barbs or horns? around the base of its penis so when it raped me, it caused a wound that never healed.

I was so embrassed by it for years that I never had the nerve to have it looked at until latter part of my military service, which determined that there was scar tissue around the wound. I later married and had an operation which removed the wound.

Even more years later, after I began meditations did I that experience surface; it was always prefaced by cicadas chirping in the night in the background. The terror of trying to turn around and see what was behind me was so overwhelmingly horrific for me that I could not. But in time my meditations enabled a diminishing of fear of it, but I never could bring the experience totally to conscious level.

Anyway, boy, your web site and books at least in this personal experience resonate that there is a validity to all this. I have often wanted to explore this with hypnotherapy but never felt I could trust anyone with it because of its unbelievability.

Well, that's my story.

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EzPosted: Mar 08, 2011 - 05:51

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Wow that is crazy. No doubt he's batshit insane.

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