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Forum - More on 'the Truth about Nibiru'

The believers keep at it

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Wolf BirdPosted: Feb 15, 2012 - 10:34

I shoot you dead.

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NASA's video on the truth about Nibiru by David Morrison continues to be a hotbed for good comments.

My current favorite comment, by the utterly hilarious and incomprehensible shoeupon67:

"@ThreeFangCat Before I understand where you are coming from, can you please tell me if you or anyone close to you have an affiliation with any Government , Agency, Corporation or NASA. So far I have seen no independence or neutrality in your comments I have not read you said anything against NASA or the Government which I find very suspicious. If i was presently in America now by my comments alone i would be considered a TERRORIST and be lockup indefinitely or forever. [ NDAA ]

shoeupon67 2 hours ago"

By the way, he's open minded and does his own research.

"@2012hoaxorg I visit both channels, the believers and none believers,I have question the believers as much as or even more than the none believers, I am doing my own personal research, I try to be neutral ,I am not on either side, I listen and question everybody, I have debunked the believers many times who look to the past for their evidence which is mostly historical, biblical and archaeological, while the none believers base theirs on modern science and scientist .

shoeupon67 20 hours ago"

And he most certainly is not a conspiracy theorist!

"NASA, the American Government ,the CIA, NIBIRU, STRANGE SOUNDS in the skies, HAARP, BLUE BEAM PROJECTS, ALIEN INVASION,WORLD WAR,global ECONOMIC COLLAPSE,great DEPRESSION, Population Reduction, all seem to have some connection with the ELITES,ILLUMINATI and their NEW WORLD ORDER , to complete their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT,by A DATE CHOSEN by the ILLUMINAITS which is the 21 of DECEMBER 2012 .

shoeupon67 1 day ago"

"@ThreeFangCat Who created the Aids virus Government Scientist. Who created the HINI Government scientist they also created bird flu and swine flu and almost known viruses
shoeupon67 3 days ago"

"2/2 and why is it necessary to have about 800 FEMA Concentration Death Camps with Guillotines and heavily guarded but with no prisoners. Why are there millions and millions of coffins just stack up and lying around all over the U. S. Are the leaders of the world expecting some big catastrophic event to happen and if so WHAT IS IT ??.
shoeupon67 3 days ago"
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emcadaPosted: Feb 15, 2012 - 16:54

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so making a planet crash into the earth thus ending all life is going to create a one world government?
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Kaiser FalknerPosted: Feb 15, 2012 - 18:37


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Quote from emcada

so making a planet crash into the earth thus ending all life is going to create a one world government?

Its simple mathematics

1 world= 1 world government

0 worlds= 0 world governments
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JoePosted: Feb 17, 2012 - 15:31

Level: 8
CS Original
"A DATE CHOSEN by the ILLUMINAITS which is the 21 of DECEMBER 2012 ."
So a group of free thinkers from the late 1700's went back in time and invented the Myan Long Count Calender. Is that what he is trying to say?
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Evil ElvisPosted: Mar 30, 2012 - 03:23


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poor spelling gives credibility to morons, also it is nice to finally find out that those evil mayans were in fact illuminati assholes who are trying to get us all in trouble. damn it, where do this shoeupon67 type idiots come from...
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Wolf BirdPosted: Apr 02, 2012 - 12:46

I shoot you dead.

Level: 9
CS Original
You can't make this up.

"some theories
Planet x is black
vision to Planet x is blocked with black satellite
Planet x have dark camuflaje
from Planet x you can attack specific places on Earth
of maybe isn't build yet
tibisound 3 days ago"

"you may believe whatever you want
yes a som is
but a numbers doesn't come from me (check mayan horoscope software)
and yes may happend in 4012 too just like 4000 years ago
you don't can found another dates that a som come out to 1222'12
(check Nostradamus profets too)and what about Planet x
publish in Popular Science Magazines in 1932
tibisound 3 days ago"

Because obviously numerology and ancient horoscopes are so trustworthy.

80sChild1987 3 days ago

MORRISON IS AN EMPLOYEE OF THE AMERICAN GOVERMENT AND ALL THESE FOOLS COMMENTING ARE TOO ! or they are just suckers for the lies that are spun by Never A Straight Answer, THINK ABOUT IT !!!!!

80sChild1987 3 days ago

Where do you think The Book of Revelation obtained all the info from??
80sChild1987 3 days ago"

He types in ALL CAPS, so he's obviously VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE about WHAT he is talking ABOUT.
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emcadaPosted: Apr 02, 2012 - 19:46

Level: 0
Quote from Wolf Bird

He types in ALL CAPS, so he's obviously VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE about WHAT he is talking ABOUT.
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DamarauderPosted: May 12, 2012 - 05:53

Level: 0
I've looked into loads of (conspiracy) theories and end-time/revelation theories, but I have to say, the Nibiru and alien-gods theories are actually backed by nothing at all. At the very best, you could call the theories a very creative interpretation of a collection of other creative interpretations of facts that have been placed out of context mixed with some fiction.
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DamarauderPosted: May 24, 2012 - 09:25

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The FEMA coffin stuff is quite hilarious.

Also, I confronted a nibiru-alien-icke-devout, who mentioned as 1 argument: "Why do you think the sun and the moon are equally big during a solar eclipse??". After showing him this picture, he still did not budge.

Next thing that happened in my conversation with the same guy. I was reading a piece on Alien & Sedition act from the 18th century. I mentioned this to him, sent him the link (not expecting any sane feedback by the way) and he imediately grabbed the opportunity to explain that Aliens were already known then! (hence the word Alien right?)... hilarious.
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